The Team

Creator Jonathan Hunter, Joseph Ashburner, Patrick Meier
Creation Date Q1 2018
Headquarters South Africa


What is Smoke?

Smoke aims to be a social media network that is dedicated to cannabis users. The goal of Smoke is creating a decentralized platform for cannabis users and allow them to share their experiences without worrying about censorship.

Smoke is not for buying cannabis. Smoke is building a decentralized social media platform, very similar to Steem. However, the main focus of the platform will be cannabis. Users will review cannabis strains, dispensaries, suggest certain cannabis strains to each other, etc. Basically, this platform (which is named “Strain”) will be the social network of for marijuana users. Note that the platform is not even in beta stage yet, the team plans to release it at the end of 2018, although they claim to have had 20,000 sign ups pre-launch

Joining the platform will be free. Users will be able to vote the content of each other’s posts, and, just like in Steem, there will be an upvote/downvote mechanism. To be able to vote, users must be holding SMOKE POWER (SP) tokens. Each upvote will also reward the poster with a certain amount of SMOKE POWER token. SP tokens cannot be traded at exchanges but they can be converted to SMOKE tokens. Again, just like Steem, posters can win exchangeable tokens for creating quality content.

What are SMOKE tokens used for? Is there any value to holding them?

SMOKE is the transferable currency of the platform. It gives no voting powers, but rather is what can be taken out of the platform and traded on exchanges. The only other use they have is investment speculation, if people believe there is value in the Strain platform. SMOKE POWER (SP) is a ‘vested’ form of SMOKE which cannot be transferred for a set period of time – this mechanism is designed to ensure users are committed to the network on a long-term basis to prevent abuse and market manipulation. Once you buy SP tokens, you are expected to hold them for a certain period. SMOKE Power tokens give upvote/downvote rights. They can also be staked and it is possible to earn 15% new SP tokens via staking per year. This is a simplified version of the Steem monetization system.

The Smoke Team

The founders of the project are professional cannabis farmers and “users”. Patrick Meier is the founder of the, a community with more than 500,000 cannabis users. Jonathan Hunter is a cannabis farmer since 2013. Joseph Ashburner has no experience in the cannabis industry, he is the founder and owner of LaptopNinja, an online platform for comparing laptop shopping websites.

Social Presence

The team of the project has accounts on Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Facebook, Steem, Telegram, and many other platforms. They are fairly active at all, especially on their BitcoinTalk page. As of now, they are organizing lots of Airdrop events so there is a certain interest in the project, and it may be that the founders are able to attract some of their existing users to the platform.

The Coin

Coin/Token Name SMOKE
Mining None
Block Time / Transaction Fee None
Total Supply 13.379.987
Current Value (Total)


The Future

Can Be Traded In Open Ledger DEX
Mobile Apps None
Can It Be Used in Real World? No



  • Q2 2018: Initial coin offering, marketing bounties, press releases
  • Q3 2018: Smoke DApp launch, exchange listings, Strain (platform) beta test
  • Q4 2018: Strain (platform) launch
  • Q1 2019: Dispensary reviews, new post types
  • Q3 2019: Mobile application beta
  • Q4 2019: Mobile application release

Smoke Official trailer video