Restart Energy


The Team

Creator Armand Doru Domuta, Renato Doicaru
Creation Date December 2017
Headquarters Romania


What is Restart Energy?

Restart Energy a licensed and fully functioning energy supplier company in the EU. They are the largest energy supplier in Romania, the fastest growing private energy supplier in the EU and have over 30,000 customers (27,000 househiolds and 3000 businesses), and are currently adding roughly 2000 clients a month ,with 2017 revenues of $20 million, with revenues of $100 million expected for 2018.

Restart Energy only use renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind turbines.

The Restart platform is called RED, which stands for Restart Energy Democracy. RED allows for local, small scale energy producers, to pool their energy together and trade between themselves, when some have surplus and others don’t have enough, which leads to much greater levels of efficiency and cost savings, as they don’t then have to buy any extra from the much more expensive main energy companies. This setup however requires localised infrastructures to be built connecting communities together in local microgrids – agregating togetther all of the local energy suppliers into one bigger connected grid. This would cost energy companies a lot of work. The Restart franchise model works on the basis that the franchisee, by paying their MWAT tokens, will be paying for this localised infrastructure to be set up.

This business model would encourage localised green energy production. The Red platform, because of being on the blockchain and not being dependant upon large energy companies and their heavy premiums, woild save consumers roughly 30% off normal grid energy costs, as well as allowing local energy producers a 30% markup above wholessle prices. Between 1-5% of energy produced must be allocated to MWAT users through the RED loyalty system. The potential issue with this business model, is that it does depend upon the permissions of national Government regulations permitting it.

Restart Energy and MWAT tokens are backed by ROSENC (The Romanian Sustainable Energy Cluster) and EuroGSM (Orange Telecom Dealer). The RED network aims to help local and small energy producers to earn more and gain more customers.

Restart Energy Franchises

Restart Energy allow people to start their own energy franchise, for a city, area or country, depending on how many MWAT tokens they hold.

With 10,000 tokens, one can have a RED City Franchise, valid in ones city of residence. 100,000 tokens gives the right to a Regional franchise, 1,000,000 tokens to a Country franchise and 10,000,000 tokens grants the right to a Master franchise, which gives the token holder and franchisee exclusive rights to their country of residence

However, these are for Type B franchises, which require either the token holder to also have sufficient tokens to get a Type A franchise (which involves more tokens, depending on the population of the country), or for Restart Energy themselves to be present in that country. The number of tokens needed for each country can be seen at

Restart offer these 2 levels of franchise – depending on how much capital the franchisee wants to invest, which correlates to the percentage profit share they get.

The MWAT tokens – what are their uses?

MWAT tokens are backed by real energy and already have real world use and spendability on the RED platform.

MWAT tokens can be bought from the RED platform or via exchanges. Each MWAT token is equal to 0.11 kWh. By buying a token, you are actually buying 0.11 kWh energy. Tokens can – today, in live areas – be used on the RED platform to buy energy from local licensed suppliers. At the moment, the only supplier is Restart Energy. However, they are trying to sell franchises – of which the first is just up and running in Italy as of June 2018. If there is a franchise in your country, you will be buying the energy from them, not from Restart Energy.

It is also possible to sell your tokens. However, Restart Energy does not buy the tokens back. You can sell them at exchanges only. The RED platform allows sending tokens to other users. You can “gift energy” to any other user in the world.

The Restart platform (called RED) allows you to buy and pay for energy using MWAT tokens, but this is not necessary and one can also pay in Fiat.

Licensed energy suppliers, who only use renewable energy sources, can also chose to buy MWAT tokens in bulk, and resell them in their countries.

As well as market factors, some of the success of the MWAT token price will depend upon how many tokens are in demand for buying up the franchises. For the franchises, large numbers of tokens will need to be bought, and if the franchises are in demand.

Social Presence

Restart Energy is one of the most respected and hyped ICOs and crypto currencies of 2018. It has a working platform, and many people are becoming aware of the importance of blockchain in energy, especially given the heavily centralized and monopolistic nature of energy companies. Because Restart is already a licensed EU energy supplier, there is a lot of faith that the company and the token will do well.

The team uses only Telegram for communication. They also have a blog at Medium, but if you want to learn about the token itself, Telegram is the only up-to-date channel.

The Future

Restart Energy have a long roadmap for planned expansion into new countries. By 2023, they are expecting their RED platform to be live in 45 countries, to have 14,000 franchises and 9 million customers.

Their roadmap and future plans can be seen in their whitepaper

The Coin

Coin/Token Name MWAT
Mining None
Total Supply 470.000.000
Current Value (Total) $ 12,714,563


The Future

Can Be Traded In Kucoin, IDEX, Fork Delta, Lykke Exchange
Mobile App None