StoryGen PR

StoryGen is a London-based Tech PR agency run by Anthony Burr and Michael Samy. Utilising Anthony’s extensive media experience and contacts, and Michael’s passion for the future of technology as well as his skills in communicating complex concepts to a wider audience, the duo work closely to develop engaging angles and create Press material that will win success with journalists and move their readers.

Anthony is a Public Relations expert who specialises in Publicity, Media & Crisis Management, and Story Brokering. A former newspaper and television journalist with The Sunday Times, Daily Express and Sky Sports, Anthony is now a well-known ‘PR Man’ and known UK wide as one of if not the best go-to man in Tech PR. He is closely linked and is regularly able to position his clients in the BBC, Forbes, national and international newspapers and media and on TV. Anthony has previously led the PR for many celebrities and his roster of clients has included a multitude of household names and brands including Wayne Rooney, Joe Calaghe, Sajid Javid, Sony, Universal and Bauer Media

Michael is a former medical doctor of five years with a broader skill set which includes technology, design and communications. He has worked as a freelance web and graphic designer and head of internet marketing at a telemedicine company. Michael has an intimate knowledge of and keen interest in cryptocurrency and follows the markets closely.

Given that the mainstream media are still wary of crypto and uncertain of blockchain, the team at StoryGen are especially good at knowing what the media will be interested in for crypto and coming up with the perfect content and angle for their target market.

They have a number of high-profile clients within the crypto, blockchain and tech space.

StoryGen accept crypto – BTC, ETH, BCH – as payment, as well as Fiat.

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