Kush Coin


The Team

Creator Unknown
Creation Date January 2017
Headquarters Unknown


What is Kushcoin?

Kushcoin is basically a deadcoin with no use or value. Its developer has not posted anything since its ICO in March 2017 – It is not known who the founder is, but it seems like the project was only ever used as an exit scam from day 1. The website isn’t live, there is no whitepaper or any other social media available for the project. There was a different crypto coin with the same name in 2014 but these projects seem to be unrelated.

The Bitcointalk ANN for the project claims that the Kushcoin would be used to buy medical marijuana, that the team own marijuana farms in Alberta and Manitoba, and that if you have a prescription for medical marijuana, you can buy it from Kush farms by using KUSH coin. They claim to sell only to people with prescriptions, but offer a door to door delivery service. However, it seems that no one has touched this project since soon after its conception, it seems that it was conveived only as a way to make some quick money for the founder, and that the coin has only been really used and traded in pump and dumps since then. The market cap of KUSH coins reached 2.000.000 USD on January 2018. This was the “pump” phase. Right after the “dump” phase started. As of now, its market cap is around 300.000 USD and this value keeps dropping.

Cannabis coins tend to get pumped together but there is no use or value to this coin and we would not advise anyone to invest in Kush coin.

The Coin

Coin/Token Name KUSH
Mining CPU, GPU
Block Time / Transaction Fee 72 seconds / –
Total Supply 5.550.000
Current Value (Total) $ 315,904



KUSH is a hybrid (PoW/PoS) coin that uses X11 algorithm. After the block 4.872.000, the PoS phase will start. The PoW block creation time is 72 seconds. PoS blocks will be created in 260 seconds, once this phase starts. After the PoS phase, staking KUSH will be possible with a 10 hours minimum staking period. However, the PoS phase hasn’t started yet, and since nobody is mining KUSH coin, it won’t start anytime soon. It isn’t advisable to mine Kushcoin – a) this is a dead project b) its wallet has serious desync problems.

The Future

Can Be Traded In Cryptopia, YoBit
Wallet(s) Windows
Mobile App None