Invest Feed


The Team

Creator Ronald Chernesky, Andrew Freedman, Justin Jovanovic
Creation Date Q2 2014
Headquarters New York


What is Invest Feed?

Invest Feed is not new – the project started in 2014 and the team have been actively working on it ever since. Until recently, it wasn’t a crypto project – Invest Feed was (and still is) a web site where users can post their articles and analyses about cryptocurrencies. They plan to add their own crypto- token (which is already being traded on exchanges) to the platform and award the users for their posts with these tokens. Currently, the Invest Feed platform has more than 15,000 users, of which apparently 78% are experienced traders. The team isn’t that active on social media, yet. However, they already have a successful website and use that for communication to users. Invest Feed isn’t that known, yet, but its users and fans seem fairly active so it could well end up as a major platform.

Unlike many other coins, Invest Feed already has a working platform, of which anyone can become a member for free. It just needs to add its crypto-token to support its system. No matter your age or other experience, if you are able to provide consistent and accurate predictions about a crypto- currency, you can make a profit with your skills. IFT token is a simple and relatively transparent system, with an already active userbase.

The more the IFT price rises, the more easily users will be able to monetize their posts, and the more money will be made by people bringing traffic to the site.

How does the platform work?

The Invest Feed platform is designed to reward knowledgeable users for their content – by giving them a means to sell tailor made reports, analyses and predictions about crypto, as well as providing a means for the community to request such exclusive reports specific to their needs, and pay for these in crypto.

The current website will still be free-to-join after this system becomes active. Anybody has a chance to make money with their expertise. Think that:

  • You join Invest Feed for free. You start sending posts about, for example, Ethereum and provide detailed info about the coin.
  • You start to gain followers and a reputation.
  • You get a private message that says “Hey, I am interested in this new project, called Übercoin. I like your posts and your insight. Can you take a look at this coin and prepare a special report for me? I will pay you with IFT”. Or, you just prepare an article, add it to your profile page, and make it downloadable in exchange for IFT.

The Invest Feed website has two main sections – 1- users’ own pages, and 2- pages for information about different cryptocurrencies.

User pages can be personalized and are like having your own Twitter profile – where you can post, as well as see all the posts shared by any users that you follow. Unlike twitter however, posts can also include long articles and detailed analyses or opinions about a crypto.

Cryptocurrency pages consist of two parts: a price chart and other statistical details about the coin at the top, and posts about that coin at the bottom. If a user shares a post about that coin, it will also get listed here. At the moment, there are 758 cryptocurrencies with their own pages on Invest Feed, although this number is ever growing.

How is the Invest Feed platform monetized?

As the InvestFeed platform is free to use, how will the platform make money?

They will make money with these methods:

1. More users means more money from selling adspace. The reports and posts of the users will raise the rank of the site (in SEO terms) and lure organic traffic. This means they will be able to sell more ads for more money. This will be their first income:

2. Invest Feed will also offer the option of buying and selling cryptocurrencies without the need to switching to an exchange site. It will integrate with various exchange sites and the visitors will be able to buy and sell currencies without leaving the site. InvestFeed will get a commission (fee) from these transactions, this will be their second income.

Uses of the Invest Feed Token

Now the team plans to add their crypto-token – FEED (IFT) to this website. This is an ERC-20 token. The token is already trading on exchanges following on from the ICO, but is not yet a working part of the platform. When the Invest Feed token goes live and is fully working on the platform, two new features will start working on the platform:

1. Users of the platform will be able to sell their exclusive analyzes about a coin. If there is a certain user who you think – because of their experience or track record – would be able to make an accurate prediction about a cryptocurrency or about the crypto market – you would be able to commission specific reports or predictions about your crypto subject of interest. You would then pay them in IFT tokens at the agreed rate. As such, knowledgeable users would be able to make a real-world income from the site.

2. You will be able to integrate your wallet to the Invest Feed website. By doing that, you will be able to give buy and sell orders within the site, without the need to visit an exchange site.

The holders of the IFT token will be able to:

  • Buy premium content (reports, analyzes, articles, etc.) from other users
  • Use their tokens as a tipping tool if they want and reward other users for their contributions
  • Purchase an ad-free experience through the platform (you will be able to turn off the ads)
  • Access the higher levels of advanced trader tools (see more statistical info about a crypto- coin, use additional data and charts, etc.)

The Coin

Coin/Token Name IFT
ICO Date / ICO Price July 23, 2017 / 1 ETH = 10.000 IFT
Is The Coin/Token Live? Yes
Total Supply 191.381.257
Current Value (Total) $ 11.857.619
Mineable No


The Future

Available In Can be used on its own platform only / can be traded into other crypto-currencies and Fiat currencies via exchanges
Can Be Traded In Cryptopia, YoBit, Coin Exchange, Mercatox, Gatecoin
Can You Buy It With Fiat Money? Yes


The roadmap of the project is:

  • Q1- Q2 2018: Wallet and exchange integration, multi-language support, FEED (IFT) token integration
  • Q3 – Q4 2018: Decentralization of the platform (currently, Invest Feed runs on a central server like any other website)

Invest Feed has the potential to become bigger than expected. It offers a transparent and non-complicated system with many active users.