ICO Resources

ICO chat rooms:

1. COIN FUND https://coinfund.slack.com/

Slack group chatting about ICO’s.

2. ICOInsiderCommunity https://t.me/ICOInsiderCommunity

3. ICOInsiderChannel. https://t.me/ICOInsiderChannel

4. ICOCountdown https://t.me/icocountdown

5. TokenMarket https://t.me/TokenMarket

6. UpcomingICOs https://t.me/UpcomingICOs

7. ICO_reports https://t.me/ICO_reports

ICO websites that track past ICO prices/stats and charts.

1. https://www.tokendata.io/

Our go-to website for seeing prices of past ICO’s and you can see the price they investors paid in fiat per coin and also how much the company raised.

2. https://icostats.com/

Includes ICO Calendar and past ICO listing prices and their current % returns to date.