Growers International


The Team

Creator Ryan Wright
Creation Date April 2017
Headquarters Taiwan


What is Growers International?

Growers International is a different type of cannabis coin project to most – is not for buying “weed”. It is an online market for cannabis farmers. They do not sell any cannabis, but rather nutrients, bug sprays, nursery pots, and other things that are needed to grow the plant. The online market is active and you can see what it looks like from this address: All prices are currently listed in Fiat US$.

The GRWI coins are due to be converted into ERC-20 tokens. It is intended that once this conversion is done, that it will be possible to use GRWI tokens to buy products from the market. Once the GRWI coins have been converted into Ethereum based ERC-20 tokens, they will store additional information about the products sold in the market, thanks to the smart contracts feature. The team plans to sell cannabis seeds in the future to farmers, and these smart contracts will be used to store specific information about the seeds, such as the strain of the cannabis.

Although, since there is no roadmap, we do not know when this conversion will happen.

Is there any value in holding GRWI tokens?

Until the coin swap is done, there is no way you can use the GRWI coin. Once the coin swap has been completed to run off the Ethereum blockchain, it will in theory be used in the Growers International online store.

There are no other uses for the tokens, and unless there is a major piece of news relating to the medical cannabis industry or legalization of cannabis farming, which might cause this coin to be pumped due to the hype, it is unlikely that there will be much other value or use of holding this coin.

The Coin

Coin/Token Name GRWI
Mining None
Block Time / Transaction Fee Unknown
Total Supply 1.200.000
Current Value (Total) $ 634,985


Growers International is a PoS (Proof of Stake) coin that can be staked via a Windows wallet.

The Team

Ryan Wright, the founder of the project, was a project coordinator at Einsteinium Foundation, which focuses on raising funds for scientific research. He has no previous cannabis industry and/or blockchain technology experience

Social Presence

The developer team uses only Instagram and BitcoinTalk for communication. However, the official website has a built-in chat feature which allows visitors to talk to each other and you can see one of the team members joining the chat from time to time. There is no hype about Growers International, due to its specific clientele.

The Future

Can Be Traded In Cryptopia
Wallet(s) Windows
Mobile App None


Growers International is a “humble” project. It is not for investment, to be honest. The project is just a platform to buy and sell cannabis farming products. It is already working and it already has a client base. The conversion to ERC-20 tokens won’t have a big effect on this client base, it won’t suddenly grow. If you are looking for a cannabis coin project which will make you rich pretty soon, Growers International is not it. This coin is for farmers only, not for investors. While there is nothing wrong with the project and everything seems good, investing in GRWI is not a good idea, from an investor point of view.