Crypto Games

The problems with Crypto games

Crypto gaming is a relatively new and emerging concept. There are games where you can pay with crypto, and even win money in crypto, but they are far from being as good as traditional computer games, yet. So far, crypto based games seem to be more aimed at crypto enthusiasts who want to use some of their crypto and play a couple games, than for serious gamers looking to actually game.

You have to be online to play.
With traditional (fiat) computer games, once you have bought the game, you can download them and keep them saved on your computer, playing whenever you want, and don’t always even need to be online. Crypto based games are all online. You can access them either via their websites, or via online-apps.

The (ongoing) cost.
With traditional computer games, you pay once, or with some, there’s a small ongoing monthly set charge, but that’s it, you own the rights to the game and can play it as often as you like- they’re yours to do what you want with once it’s downloaded on your computer. With almost every crypto game, you have to pay every time you want to play. This might work if you only want to play once and want to be able to try out each game once, but could become expensive if you find a game you like.

They’re poor quality and basic.
Traditional computer games are typically developed by big gaming companies with all the latest tech, may have hundreds of people involved in their development and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to produce. They can be relatively expensive to buy, but include excellent graphics and features, and often a very good theme. Crypto games, so far, have tended to be developed by small teams, very quickly, and with small budgets – they simply aren’t as good or complex as traditional computer games – yet. They don’t yet have anywhere near the level of development, investment or complexity that goes into designing the better and more popular computer games. You don’t feel as if you’re going into a virtual world, there’s no story, no theme, and seemingly no aim other than to win. Crypto games tend to be HTML5 applications, and as such have limited features and graphics quality are limited, and they tend to have simpler rules and controls. You just won’t yet get any of the amazing special effects you might have become used to.

Luck more than skill based.
With traditional computer games, you need to learn how to play the game – the tricks and shortcuts to get to stay in the game and get to the next level. It can take days to finish a game and one can keep going back to try and beat one’s time or get more points etc. Crypto games don’t tend to require any skills, they tend to be more luck based. You don’t need to be a gamer to play them.

Gambling more than Gaming.
Crypto games can be more like ways to win, or lose, money, than like a game in itself. So far, many have tended to be gambling applications, posing as games. For example, Satoshi Mines, one of the older crypto games, is actually just Minesweeper. Minesweeper is one of the oldest games that used to be installed on all the first computers and can now be played online, for free. The only difference with the crypto version, is that you can place a bet on the outcome each game, and can win double your bet in Bitcoin. One advantage that isn’t always seen in other gambling applications, is that crypto games are provably fair, meaning that the results are really allocated according to your play.

Playing Crypto Games

Unlike traditional computer games, you won’t need a powerful graphics card, gaming mouse or any type of gamer-hardware to play them, or even get any player advantage from having better tech. Just visit the website of the game, try it for free first (if supported), send the crypto to the game’s wallet address to play for real money, and hope that you win, rather than lose your stake. Crypto games can in theory be played anonymously.

All you need to get started on crypto games:

  • An internet connection
  • A supported browser that can run HTML5 applications (desktop or mobile)
  • A wallet address (for deposits and withdrawals)
  • Enough of the crypto needed to pay to play the game

The Best 2018 Crypto Games

Our disclaimer – these games are developed by anonymous groups, we don’t know any of them, there are no guarantees that you will get a payment even if you win the game and there’s no protection or customer support if you make a mistake in the payment or if they shut up shop after you have done so. They don’t have electronic gaming, so as with anything crypto, there is a certain security risk. Play at your own risk and never send big amounts or what you’re not willing to lose to these games.

Name Website Explanation / Currency
Satoshi Mines A minesweeper game / BTC
Crypto-Kitties Collect and breed digital cats / ETH
Bustabit Bet on an increasing curve that can crash anytime / BTC
Luckybit A bean machine game / BTC
Bitsler Head/tails game and a wheel of fortune game / BTC
Bitzonk “Pick a box” game / BTC
Uranus Attacks! A mobile game for iOS /BTC
Flying Satoshi A platform game / BTC
Bitkong A minesweeper variant / BTC