Cryptostorm is a very average VPN offering no special features, not a fast service- ie the VPN will slow down your browsing, no particular customer support. They don’t keep logs, which is a plus, and is token-based, which is different. It was first started in 2007 and is an Iceland based company, so despite its seeming disinterest in creating a more user-friendly website, they have been around for a while. Reports of their speeds are varying however- some customers have complained of slow speeds, and there is nothing spectacular about their security.

Quick Feature Guide:

  • Token-based
  • Accepts cryptocurrency
  • No logs
  • Secure with good encryption
  • P2P torrenting allowed
  • Open source

Pros of using Cryptostorm VPN:

  • Token-based: This is one of the unique features of Cryptostorm. Since this is token based and you can subscribe to it without sharing any of your details, not even your email id.
  • Open Source: This is a decentralized project and the code is published and open source. It has intentionally loosely-integrated project components and they have no intellectual property, patents or trademarks.
  • Server locations: While they do not have a huge server collection, still it has around 19 servers distributed across 9 countries including US, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland.
  • Reliable: Cryptostorm has bare metal servers featuring grsecurity which is a security enhancing patches for Linux along with self-complied kernels. Also, the data center servers are constantly monitored 24/7
  • Protocol: They support OpenVPN platform. It has a dedicated client available for Windows.
  • Multiple payment options: Cryptostorm allows and supports multiple payment options including bitcoins and altcoins
  • Logs: They store absolutely no logs including no storing of IP addresses

Pros of using Cryptostorm VPN:

On the pricing front, the pricing options are a little unusual. It has an option of buying a subscription which will allow you to increase the number of simultaneous connections. It also has an option to buy bundles of one-month subscription.

Plan Price
One week $1.86 – 1 connection
One month $6 – 1 connection
Three months $16 – 2 connections
Six months $28 – 3 connections
One year $52 – 4 connections
Two years $94 – 4 connections
5×1 month bundle $24 – 1 connection. You save $6
11×1 month bundle $48 – 1 connection. You save $18
25×1 month bundle $97 – 1 connection. You save $53

Something worth noting is that there is no much significant cost difference between plans for 1 or multiple connections. So in case, someone chooses a One-year plan for $52, then per month cost would be 4.33 for 4 connections. If someone chooses a 11×1 month bundle of $48, then the per month cost would be $4.36 for 1 connection.

Crypto Payments: You can pay in Bitcoin using Bitpay or with a wide choice of alts.

Cons of using Cryptostorm VPN

  • Lacking great customer support
  • Difficult to use for novice users
  • Does not have any market distinguisher feature
  • No mobile apps support
  • Only one device per license
  • No kill switch mechanism
  • Limited servers and geographical distribution