Crypto youtube channel


Below is a list that we are sure will grow and change as new YouTubers appear and old ones retire to their own private Island.

For now these are the ones that we here at Cryptocurrency Simplified follow ourselves or Channels that have a good reputation and online following.

It is important that you always make your own investment decisions and do not blindly follow any YouTube Crypto channels advice. They are not financial advisors! Always do your own research before making a decision.

How to use the Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels below:

We use these channels as a means to see what’s going on in the market as a whole (daily news and updates on coins) and to have new coins come onto our radar as many YouTube channels will talk about new coins they have recently discovered.

If you read the comments section of the videos you can often gauge market sentiment as a whole or other investors opinions on a particular coin/ICO or general market conditions.

Once you have chosen which YouTube Channels to follow below don’t forget to press the button to automatically be notified when a new video is uploaded to watch.

You will also see on each channel links to all the persons other social mediaplatforms for you to follow.


Carter Thomas is highly respected for his analytical skills in the Crypto market. He rightly has a large following and is one of the main people that we here at Cryptocurrency simplified follow when we want TA of the markets and main coins.


A British chap who blends a great mix of humour with good, solid Crypto information. He spends a great deal of time creating quality content, although he had to stop making daily videos (who can blame him). Best loved and known for his alter ego ‘Fiat Daily’ who makes star appearances in some of his earlier videos.

He is also known for organising Crypto meet-ups wherever he travels and announcing these meet-ups at the end of his YouTube videos. He really is as friendly and funny in real life as he is on his videos!

Crypto Daily also runs a crypto chat room:


Dan is an American. He is also a pro poker tournament player.

Dan is widely regarded as the one YouTube person that can help make you rich long term. He holds the unofficial title for the number one YouTuber that has made the most Millionaires in Crypto within the last 12 months.

He has only a small following online compared to many others here in this list as he is really just documenting his incredible journey in Cryptocurrency. He is a straight shooter, no nonsense Crypto YouTuber.

He made many of his online followers rich from finding NLC2 token at 20 Satoshi’s and a few months later it rose to over 11,000 Satoshi’s per token.

He also correctly called Vibe token ICO and the company’s market cap went from $1 Million to over $400 Million within a few months making many followers rich again.

He was extremely bullish on EOS at 55 Cents per coin when many people disregarded EOS altogether. EOS went up 4000% within a few months of his call.

Obviously it is important to do your own due diligence and research when following YouTube investors and he makes it very clear he is not a financial advisor. He is very proficient at finding undervalued gems.

We at Cryptocurrency simplified were lucky enough to have found Dan in his early days and enjoy watching his Crypto journey unfold onscreen.

Dan also has a very lively Crypto chat room where over 200 independent Crypto investors come together to talk about ICO’s and everything Crypto. Some great people are in this room and it’s a fantastic free learning environment by investors that have been around the Crypto block a few times.


The crypto lark is from New Zealand.

He is very well liked and easy to follow. He covers ICO’s and multiple coins in great detail and has a good track history of fair, honest and easy to understand reviews.


Louis Thomas is from Wales, England. He has grown his channel within a short timeframe to be one of the largest Cryptocurrency Channels on YouTube. He often records his videos in parks and nature in Wales and is very likeable and easy to listen to.

Recently he has started to look at other asset classes to diversify into other than just Cryptocurrency.


Ivan on tech has over 150,000 followers and is well known for his great in-depth coin reviews and technical analyse (TA). He is also an international blockchain and Crypto investor speaker. He has vast knowledge covering the tech aspect of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain not just the investing side.


The Blockchainers have a small following and are new to the world of Cryptocurrency blogging.

They are a small group of English speaking Crypto experts that report on the South Korean Cryptocurrency markets, which is one of the biggest markets in the world. They also have a drop-in Crypto centre in South Korea.

This is one of our go-to channels for updates covering Asia and they really know their stuff.


DataDash has over 250,000 followers and is one of the most highly followed and well-regarded people in this investment and tech sector.

Nick is one of the few YouTube channels to cover in great detail a full mixture of everything Crypto and blockchain, from including the news, interviews, trading tips and in-depth coverage of Cryptocurrency coins and tech.


Crypto Tips is a lady Crypto vlogger and has over 45,000 followers. She records simple, short easy to follow videos to help beginners understand the Crypto markets. She often records from tropical and exotic locations and tends to keep her videos under 5 minutes long.

10. CRYPT0

Crypt0 is well known and respected in the Crypto youtube space. He has a following of over 100,000 people. He often talks about abroad range of Crypto subjects and does interviews with Ceo’s within the Crypto space.


Crush Crypto has been around for a while and specialises in reviewing ICO’s.

If you are interested in ICO’s then she is definitely your go-to channel. She records very in-depth ICO reviews and does a great weekly Crypto news round-up video.


Clif High is a legend in the Crypto space. He gives regular updates on the markets and is well known for his accurate Cryptocurrency price predictions.

He correctly called OMG and Populous (PPT) rise in value.

You can buy his popular Cryptocurrency reports that covers the markets and coins he likes.


Cedric Dahl is a laid back YouTuber from San Francisco and he was an early Crypto Investor. He looks only to invest in 1000x potential coins.

Cedric has a weekly newsletter called Internet Money:


Boxmining has well over 150,000 followers and for good reason. He has a solid reputation and covers extensively the Asia markets in Crypto.

He often travels around the world meeting other Crypto people, conducting live interviews and going to Cryptocurrency events.

Definitely one of our main Youtube channels we follow.


The node investor has over 50,000 followers and is well respected for his Technical Analysis (TA) of the current market conditions.

He also has some good Cryptocurrency courses helping you understand charting.


Suppoman is a larger than life character from Southern England.

He has a huge following and it is only getting bigger. We have followed him for a long time and he covers everything Crypto. He has made some very good calls on ICO’s (Ethos) and coins.

He starts his videos off with a famous song, but replacing the words with Crypto words. Suppoman is high-energy viewing and never a dull video.

He is just as lively and fun in Real life as he is in his videos.


He was one of the first YouTube channels to call out ‘Bitconnect’ scam well before it finally collapsed.

He covers everything Crypto, but his Top 3 ICO’s per month are well worth viewing.


Altcoin Buzz is one of the most popular Cryptocurrency channels.

They are a collective group of Cryptocurrency investors that take it in turn to make videos. This is a one-stop shop for Cryptocurrency viewing.


Andreas M. Antonopoulos is extremely well respected in the Blockchain sector and if you want to delve deeper into understanding more about the tech, software and not just investing then this is the channel for you.


Nicholas is a great chap onscreen and in real life. He has been a very successful Cryptocurrency investor and his specialty is ICO investing and in-depth analysis.


Doug is a newcomer to the Crypto blogging sector, but has taken this space by storm. He is best known for calling out other Crypto Youtubers when they do something underhanded. He is a professional poker player and his videos are very entertaining. He was already very wealthy before entering Cryptocurrency and he comes across very honest and without a hidden agenda.