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Introductions to Bitcoin

Bitcoin Rebellion - The Beginning

  • 23 minutes long.
  • Free with Amazon Prime.

A great, simple introduction to why bitcoin is great, how it works as a universal currency, and how it will end up changing finance. Presented by arguably the best Bitcoin teacher – Andreas Antonopoulos -speaking live. Andreas is the mind behind the great books ‘The Internet of Money’ and ‘Mastering Bitcoin’.

This is great. The absolute must view documentary about Bitcoin, and if you’re only going to watch one, we recommend this one. Andreas is a) a genius and b) obsessed with bitcoin. This comes across- he shares his passion and beliefs for the future of bitcoin – his interest makes this short documentary presentation interesting watching. Short and sweet and easy watching.

The Bitcoin Story – also called ‘The Bitcoin Phenomenon’

  • 35 minutes long.
  • Free with Amazon Prime (The Bitcoin Story) or free on Youtube

Filmed in 2014, this documentary features great, short interviews and introductions from some of the leading experts in Bitcoin, starring interviews with legendary Bitcoin early adopters Gavin Andresen, Roger Ver, Trace Mayer and Erik Vorhees amongst others. It explains in simple language the problems that Bitcoin solves, and puts into simple language some of the genius behind how Bitcoin works and why it has become so important. This short film makes many of the same points made as in other documentaries, but is nonetheless a great summary of the problem that Satoshi Nakamoto solved in Bitcoin, and gives a very interesting glance into the history and early days of bitcoin. It’s easy to follow and gives some inspiring ideas about the future of Bitcoin and where the Bitcoin economy is going.

The Bitcoin Gospel

  • 48 minutes long.
  • Free with Amazon Prime.

This is a great documentary looking into the rise of Bitcoin and into the issues with our financial system. Starring the evangelical and passionate ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver on his mission to spread the use of Bitcoin all over the world, Roger makes clear how much Bitcoin is necessary in a world of corrupt governance and banking systems. If you haven’t already, this documentary will make you want to buy as much bitcoin as you can get your hands on. Great for seeing how bitcoin is and is becoming a daily part of life around the world.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

  • 1 hour 36 minutes long.
  • Free with Amazon Prime

This documentary gives an intro to what bitcoin is, and how it is taking over the world in the same way as the internet has. You’ll get an overview of what Bitcoin mining is and how it works, and some of the issues Bitcoin faced in its early years, as well as the difficulties early adaptors had in legitimizing Bitcoin when faced with regulation and oppressive governments. It highlights the stress people went through when Bitcoin crashed when the Mt Gox exchange was hacked, from around $250 to $70 – a good reminder that bitcoin is a long term game and ever evolving, and that temporary setbacks in the value of Bitcoin are just that – temporary..

Magic Money

  • 55 minutes long.
  • Free with Amazon Prime

This documentary breaks down some of the more complicated terms and concepts of Bitcoin, featuring interviews with early Bitcoin adopters such as Roger Ver, Trace Mayer, and Tony Vays, ex VP of JP Morgan. It explains, in simple terms, some of the technology behind Bitcoin and how Bitcoin can help you send money or transactions quickly without needing banks, breaking down some of the more complicated terms and concepts of Bitcoin. A great overview of how Bitcoin is mined and how the Bitcoin infrastructure works, and gives some great examples of the many ways bitcoin can be used in real life, as well as explaining clearly where Bitcoin has faced issues so far. This documentary really helps you see how Bitcoin can take over the world’s financial system due to its many capabilities.

Banking on Bitcoin

  • 1 hour 23 minutes long
  • Free on YouTube, or paid on Amazon Prime video

A really good way to get a glimpse into the legal and regulatory framework around Bitcoin, this documentary gives an insight into the first digital currencies and shows the need for a decentralised currency, such as Bitcoin, due to the many corruptions of government and the existing banking system. It shows both the benefits of regulation, and also the lengths governments will go to, to try and stop any attempt at decentralisation..

Bitcoin: Shape the Future

  • 45 minutes long
  • Free on youtube
  • In Chinese with English subtitles

The first Chinese documentary on Bitcoin and an absolute must see to understand the Asian dominance of the technology and investments in Bitcoin. Asia has long been ahead of Europe and America on foreseeing the future and the interviews in this documentary give a great insight into why Bitcoin and the blockchain are virtually guaranteed to overtake government controlled fiat. Features lots of interviews with leaders in the Chinese Bitcoin infrastructure and gives a great insight into Bitcoin from the Chinese perspective. A beautifully made documentary showing the universal belief that Bitcoin will make the world a better place. In Chinese with English subtitles.

Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

  • 9 minutes long
  • Free on youtube

Another glimpse into the importance of Bitcoin from a Chinese perspective, this documentary shows the faith people already had years ago in Bitcoin and its ability to overtake the fiat economy. This will make you very jealous of anyone mining or buying Bitcoins in 2015 or before!.

Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It

  • 1 hour long
  • Free on youtube or paid on Vimeo

A quick introduction into how bitcoin works and how it can integrate with modern society. A good summary but, in our opinion, not as good, interesting or informative as any of the other documentaries listed here.

Societal/ social context of Bitcoin/ Blockchain documentaries:

Ulterior States/ I am Satoshi

  • 52 minutes long
  • Free on youtube

A social documentary on the flaws in society, explaining how cryptography and code bring freedom to the otherwise oppressed masses, by freeing people from the centralisation of corrupt and overly controlling centralised governments. Some very interesting interviews, especially focusing on the social and societal context in which Bitcoin and the blockchain have come about.

Documentaries on Using Bitcoin in Everyday life/ on how it is helping people around the world

Life on Bitcoin

  • 1 hour 33 minutes long
  • Can be rented on Amazon Video

Set in 2013 when Bitcoin was $85 and nowhere near as well known or accepted as it is now, a young newlywed couple recoded 3 months of their lives where they planned to live entirely off Bitcoin in Utah, America. Whilst it would be much easier now to live off Bitcoin, it still shows the difficulties in being able to pay for all our practicalities – such as mobile phone contracts, broadband internet and parking tickets with crypto. It’s also a good lesson to all those who wouldn’t accept bitcoin in 2013 at $85 in case they lost money. May be the same as those not accepting bitcoin in early 2017 at circa $2,000 in case it goes down… Easy watching – more an enjoyable movie than a technical documentary on the workings of bitcoin but perfect for a light-hearted evening movie!

Bitcoin in Uganda – Empowering People

A beautiful short feature about how Bitcoin is taking over from immoral remittance companies that charge 10-30% + transaction fees to the poorest people in the poorest countries in the world. This short and inspiring documentary highlights how easily Bitcoin is making real life differences to people around the world. An absolute must watch. Produced by the non-profit who aim at educating the world on the value of bitcoin and accept donations – the same team behind Bitcoin in Argentina and Bitcoin: Liberating Organic Farmers.

Bitcoins in Argentina

A nice, short and very interesting insight into how Bitcoin is increasingly being accepted in a country of rampant inflation and economic instability. Despite the volatility of Bitcoin, people in Argentina are still converting their pesos into Bitcoin to preserve some worth. When I lived in Buenos Aires in 2008, before storing money in Bitcoin was an option, in comparison to today, my friend there converted her pesos into Euros and Dollars and kept them in a shoebox under her bed which she felt was safer than leaving her earnings in an Argentinian bank… For a country in economic uncertainty, Bitcoin is increasingly becoming the safest option for preserving money. Since filming this, the Argentine government is becoming less accepting of Bitcoin.

Bitcoins: Liberating Organic Farmers

An inspiring short feature on how bitcoin helps small, independent businesses stay afloat and compete in a world of business dominated and overruled by banks and Paypal. Featured in the short is an organic farmer who had been struggling to sell his produce in Argentina, unable to get credit, until he was introduced to Bitcoin, and how Bitcoin has helped him overturn his business.

3 Ways Bitcoin is Promoting Freedom in Latin America

  • 6 minutes long
  • Free on YouTube

This short feature shows how people around South America are getting past the limitations
placed on them by their governments, by using Bitcoin. Examples shown are:

  1. Using Bitcoin to import food in Venezuela, where inflation is rampant, fiat is almost worthless and supermarkets are empty.
  2. Using Bitcoin and Bitcoin credit cards to import iphones into Brazil, where the government places a restrictive 60% import tax on Apple and other technical products
  3. Eliminating Red tape – by using the blockchain. In a continent often suffering from corruption or mis-administration, looking at how blockchain can revolutionise land- titles, the notoriously messy Brazilian notary industry and potentially create more trust in government institutions.


Bitcoin in Kenya

  • 14 minutes long
  • Free on YouTube

Shows the need for digital banking for the huge unbanked population and how the Kenyan MPesa has achieved this in Kenya as a precursor for Bitcoin. This documentary highlights how traditional banking and Paypal etc haven’t even ventured to serve here, but many Kenyans are now almost 100% cashless thanks to MPesa and Safaricom. It also shows the downsides of having one centralised, profit making company, run by gatekeepers, controlling the financial system, the limitations of having no paper trail for payments made and the exorbitant charges they can get away with due to no competition. Gives a great insight into how Bitcoin- or probably Bitcoin Cash – will end up being used on a worldwide scale – thanks to the Blockchain and irreversible payments.

Blockchain Documentaries

The Blockchain and Us

Interviews with leaders in the Blockchain- a great easy to understand introduction as to how the blockchain works and its uses. A must see if you want to quickly get a grasp on the world-changing potential of the blockchain and the opportunities it creates.