Crypto Comparison Site

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Coin comparison sites compared

There are several crypto currency comparison sites listing the prices, market cap, number of coins, trading volume and daily changes to the coins they list. Whilst these sites generally list the same tools and may on first glance look to give you the same results and information listings, there are many differences in quality and reliability of these sites – and not all the coin comparison sites are as accurate and as up to date as we’d like them to be.

Coin Market Cap ( is the best and most visited of the crypto coin comparison sites- and in our opinion, is by far the most reliable and frequently updated.

We recommend using Coin Market Cap as your go to reference for live crypto charts, and have included a detailed guide on how to use the site here.

However, often people ask what the differences are between Coin Market Cap, World Coin Index, and the other cryptocurrency comparison sites. Here are the key differences/ things to look out for:

  • How often the data is updated
  • If the site lists all of the cryptocurrencies
  • Flexibility in search and ranking options

For all of these features, we find Coin Market Cap to be the best and most useful for day to day checking, but here are some of the pros and cons of the other crypto comparison sites.

World Coin Index

Orders coins by 24 hour trading volume instead of market cap like Coin Market Cap does, and has a great changing colour display to give a good overview of the main cryptocurrencies, but not updated as frequently as Coin Market Cap.

Plus points of World Coin Index:

  • It shows the 24 hour high and low of each coin it lists
  • Highlights the coin comparison chart in red and green as the chart changes, which gives an easy way to watch the market

Negative Points of World Coin Index:

  • Doesn’t list all crypto currencies. And yet still lists known scams, such as Plexcoin (Coin Market Cap does also, but Coin Market Cap lists all actively traded cryptocurrencies)
  • Doesn’t update as frequently or seemingly as reliably as Coin Market Cap, so there are several huge discrepancies in the figures.

Coin Gecko

Coin Gecko have a similar crypto ranking chart to Coin Market Cap– but add in some useful ways of tracking coins such as value/ interest level of the coin based on the developer, the community and the public interest in the coin, giving individual values for each ranking as well as a ‘total’ or average rank. The rankings are based on Coin Gecko’s own estimations, but at least may be able to give you some ideas on how to judge coins, and this tool can be a very useful way to gauge the sentiment of a coin..

To do this, you can click on the name of the value you want to rank it by, i.e. on the word in the tabs – Developer, Community, Public Interest or Total – and the site will rank the coins by Coin Gecko’s metrics.

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Negative Points of the Coin Gecko coin rankings chart:

  • The site doesn’t seem to be updated quite as frequently as Coin Market Cap
  • Not all cryptocurrencies are listed

Crypto Compare

Crypto Compare is a useful information site that also lists coin rankings. They have one of the more colourful coin ranking charts which might be helpful for more visual learners.

To get to the Crypto Compare coins ranking page, go to and click on the ‘Coins’ tab.

Positive Points of the Crypto Compare coin ranking

Crypto Compare have great filters on their coins – you can search coins by choice of Algorithm or proof type- such as searching for coins by ‘proof of work’ by clicking on the Filter tabs.

It is also easy to list the coins by order of Bitcoin or fiat currencies, and they show with red and green highlights the live changes as the coin increases or drops in value relative to Bitcoin or your chosen fiat currency.

Negative Points of the Crypto Compare ranking system

The Crypto Compare chart again doesn’t list all of the crypto currencies.

The figures are a little off those listed on Coin Market Cap.

There are some real downsides to the Crypto Compare site- you have to sign in to be able to see the charts for 3 months or longer timeframes.

The site isn’t very easy or intuitive to use compared to Coin Market Cap.

They have sponsored coins at the top of their listings, which can be confusing.

How to search for coins by filter on Crypto Compare

Coincap lags behind Coin Market Cap and doesn’t list all the crypto currencies.

The figures are displayed clearly though and the layout is very clean and easy to follow.

You can see the prices of coins in fiat, bitcoin and Ethereum.


OnchainFX only list 79 of the over 1600 cryptocurrencies (as of May 2018) which means this site does not really work as an effective crypto comparison site. The cryptos they list aren’t necessarily the best ones – the closed-down Ponzi Bitconnect is still listed on there.

However, there is one benefit to OnchainFX – they have a very useful and user-friendly filter allowing you to see which columns and data are shown to you. If you are only looking at comparing the top cryptocurrencies and aren’t interested in the altcoins, this tool alone makes this site potentially very useful to researchers.