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The best books about Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain.

Andreas Antonopoulos – The Internet of Money Volume 1

Anything by Andreas Antonopoulos is some of the best material out there on the subjects of Bitcoin and crypto, and this book – a collection of his speeches all about Bitcoin, is probably the best book of all to start with, if you want to understand, and then fall in love with the idea of Bitcoin and decentralised encrypted digital currencies.

Andreas is one of the leading experts on Bitcoin and spent years speaking and writing for almost no money, to further the bitcoin cause. He has one of the deepest understandings and love for Bitcoin and the decentralised digital currency infrastructure.

This book is probably the easiest way to get a deep understanding of how Bitcoin can be used, and how big it can get in the future. Andreas makes you fall in love with Bitcoin in this book- and it is an absolute must read if you want an overview of the value and many current and potential uses of such a decentralised digital currency.

The book is a series of short talks, put together in chapter form. Because it was designed as a free resource, it isn’t the best editing, and some points are repeated in the talks. It isn’t written in a chronological sense – but by being a series of talks, is very easy to read and understand and is totally unputdownable if you’re even a little bit interested in bitcoin.

This book is available for free in Kindle form at Amazon (if you subscribe to, or sign up for a free trial to their Kindle Unlimited service), as well as being purchasable at Amazon in paperback, or as an Audible Audiobook.

Andreas Antonopoulos – The Internet of Money Volume 2

A follow on from Volume 1, this volume is better edited. Some of the points are repeated, but Andreas is able to contextualise bitcoin and blockchain better than anyone.

Another great read, and this book will help deepen your appreciation of how important bitcoin and blockchain will be in the coming years, and how

Best to read volume 1 first.

This book is also available free via Amazon Kindle (if you subscribe to, or sign up for a free trial to their Kindle Unlimited service) or can be purchased in paperback or as an Audible audiobook.

Dominic Frisby – Bitcoin: The Future of Money

This book, along with Andreas Antonopoulos’ The Internet of Money books, are the best books on the subject of Bitcoin. Dominic Frisby is a noted writer and makes for easy and entertaining reading.

Frisby goes deep into what bitcoin is, into his theory on who is the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto.

Dominic Frisby is a great writer who knows his stuff and writes in an engaging way – this is a great overall introduction to the potentials of Bitcoin.

This book is also available in Kindle Ebook form or can be purchased in paperback or as an Audible audiobook.

Cryptocurrencies Simply Explained – Julian Hosp (the co-founder of TenX)

This book is available for free rental on Amazon through Kindle Unlimited, or can be bought on Amazon in Kindle or physical form.

Written by Julian Hosp – the co-founder of TenX, this book gives a good, easy-to-read introduction to some of the main subjects around Crypto. The book is poorly edited, but is aimed for beginners and gives a good, basic overview of many technicalities related to crypto. There is no information in here that isn’t available freely on the internet, but for someone wanting to get an explanation on different crypto and blockchain ideas and terminologies, this book will take a few hours to read and will give a good initial briefing, helping you to know where to start your own more extensive research online. It doesn’t go into much depth on anything, but isn’t a bad starting point, and is written by someone with extensive knowledge about cryptos.

This short beginners level book explains simply:
The role and benefits of crypto currencies, relative to Gold and fiat
What blockchain is and what decentralisation means
What a Private Key does and different ways to store your crypto
How crypto transactions work and what double spending is
What mining is
What forks are and how cryptocurrencies are created