Crypto bloggers



4. Hackernoon

Hackernoon is a huge site that has over 20,000 contributing writers. They choose the best crypto articles and post them.

6. Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song is a developer and Bitcoin educator.

7. Coin and Crypto

Coin and crypto fact check their content and bring you the best up-to
date news and information on trending Altcoins.

8. Jameson Lopp

Great articles on Blockchain technology.

9. Off the Chain

Daily Crypto news delivered every morning to you.

10. The Cryptocurrency Investor

Ari paul is a hedgefund ceo that shares his knowledge.

11. Coin Center

They publish policy and academic reports.

12. CoinSpectator Blog

They have a group of experienced journalists that report on Cryptocurrency and blockchain news.

13. IBM

This blog is by IBM and report on blockchain technology.

14. AVC

Fred Wilson is a businessman, venture capitalist and blogger.

15. Vitalik Buterin's

A blog by the creator of ethereum.

16. Crypto of the day

This site picks a different Crypto every day and emails you. They include the facts, purpose, underlying value, related news, team and price.

17. The Bitcoin Pub

A place to learn about all aspects of Cryptocurrency.

18. Coinsheet

They deliver a newsletter 5 days a week to you about Crypto.

19. Crypto Birdie

They send an email to you 3 days a week regarding the most important news and events in Cryptocurrency.

20. Master The Crypto

They provide detailed analyse of trading methods and new ICO’s.

21. CoinFi

They offer instant news updates on the crypto market.

22. Crypto Income

Covers everything Crypto.

23. Crypto Day Trader

This site is about locating and profiting from short term moves in various altcoins.

24. What Bitcoin Did

Podcasts for beginners.

25. The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

An early blogger in Bitcoin since 2010. Trace Mayer does podcasts interviews.

26. Noded

AThis site provides podcasts on current events, technical news and commentary on Bitcoin.

27. Coin Hooked

They cover everything Crypto.