Cryptocurrency Consulting for Individuals

Helping you get started in cryptocurrency. Teaching you years-worth of information and everything you need to know, in the fastest time possible, saving you years of learning time and lots of money, and helping you to avoid any unnecessary risks and mistakes.

You will learn everything you need to get set up in crypto. We will go through how to get set up, which platforms to use and help getting started on them, and then continuous support and explanations regarding how to make the safest choices possible. Included in the coaching are Skype calls/ phone calls to answer any questions and go through any part of your investment strategy, and unlimited email support.

We can go through every aspect that you need of the following. Consulting sessions are entirely personalised to you.

  • Understanding cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Help you get fully set up and started in crypto
  • What the different types of cryptocurrencies do and how they work
  • What are ICOs, how and if to invest in them, how to look for and avoid scams, and find the best projects
  • Safety tips to follow – protect yourself from scams and hacks – learn how to spot scams and risks
  • The potential use cases of blockchain
  • Where is the crypto market going in the near future?
  • What is the best thing for you to do regarding crypto
  • Strategies and ideas for investing in crypto
  • Different crypto and blockchain projects compared – access to detailed reports on over 100 cryptocurrency projects as well as comparisons and reviews of groups of cryptos.

Consultancy is available for 1 hour Skype calls, 2 hour sessions which can be over Skype or in person in London, and 8 hour strategy sessions – which can be spent together as a whole day or split up into 4x 2 hour sessions for any questions you have about crypto or blockchain or ICOs.

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