How to set up the Crypto portfolio tracker


Go to Create a username and password and enter your email. Click on the orange tab ‘Create my free account’

How to Set up 2FA on

On the far right, there is a drop down tab in the blue dashboard called ‘Account’. Click on this and then click on ‘Account settings’ in the drop down list.

Under Account Settings, on the left, click on ‘Set up 2-Step verification’ and scan the QR code into your 2FA app.

How to Enter your coins on

How to manually enter coins:

Click on the ‘Enter Coins’ tab and then click on ‘Overview and Manual Import’ from the dropdown.

Click on ‘New’

In the window that opens, to add a new coin without worrying too much about the trades behind it, it is easiest to click on ‘(In) General Deposit (Transfer)’ in the drop down.

Then you can manually enter the numbers of which coins you have, and for your records, make a note of where you keep it. In this example, we have added 1 Bitcoin which we’re saying we keep on Binance.

How to sync your MEW MyEtherWallet or wallets:

The easiest way to add all your coins and tokens from your MEW or another Ethereum wallet is to click on the ‘Enter Coins’ tab, then ‘Wallet imports’ from the dropdown, and then ‘ETH Wallet Import’.

The alternative way to add coins from your MEW is to click on the ‘Enter Coins’ tab and then
scroll down to the ‘Ethereum Wallet Import’ symbol

Then, just copy your Ethereum address from your MEW or other Ethereum wallet into the ‘Your Eth Address’ bar, tick the options shown as per this screenshot (these options should come up automatically) and then click the orange tab ‘Import all ETH transactions & activate job’.

All of your tokens held in your ether wallet will then be synced to your portfolio.

However, if you have participated in any recent ICOs, not all ICOs will show up yet, if they are not live and trading yet.