Basic Attention Token


The Team

Creator Brendan Eich, Brian Bondy
Creation Date March 2017
Headquarters San Fransisco

Basic Attention Token is the currency of the Brave Browser.

For those who don’t know Brave, it was founded by a founder of Mozilla and Firefox, is open source, up to 7x faster than other browsers such as Chrome, offers users a far greater level of privacy, offers the option of either blocking ads – which not only can be annoying, but also use up a lot of data and slow down your browser, or pay users for watching ads. It’s also beautiful, and from our personal and biaised perspective, the all round best browser going and worth a download. You can read more about Brave browser here.

This is the intro video to Brave given on their site

BAT was a very popular and hyped 2017 ICO – they raised $36m in less than 30 seconds, from individuals as well as funds including Pantera Capital, DCG (Digital Currency Group) and Danhua Capital- all large and experienced investors in the space. There are now millions of active users of BAT, and they have made a string of great partnerships.

As the BAT website correctly states, ‘Digital advertising is overrun by middlemen, trackers and fraud’.

Some stats and facts they give are:

BAT is the currency – utility token- for the Brave browser –the one is dependant on the other.

This isn’t just a platform like many of the other advertising cypto projects, the browser is the “platform” itself. The system is actually very simple and works like this:

  • Users of the Brave browser have two options: Block the ads (the browser natively supports ad-blocking without the need of using an extension) or opt-in to view the ads.
  • If the users choose to view the ads, they are rewarded by BAT tokens in return. This is the “reward” feature of the token. As of now, we do not know how many BAT tokens the users will get as a reward for viewing ads. The developers promise that these will be relevant ads and the privacy of users will be protected. The users can convert these tokens to Fiat currencies via exchanges or use them to tip content creators.
  • The ads will be placed on publisher domains. Advertisers will give publishers BATs based on the measured attention of users. The analytics required for this purpose will be collected and provided by the Brave browser.
  • To sum it up, BAT tokens pay publishers for their content and users for their “attention”. And the advertisers get more in return for their ads, as the project cuts out any middle man or ad network.

Use of BAT

Some large publishers have already started to accept BAT tokens: Dow Jones Media Group (The Wall Street Journal) offers premium content to BAT users. You can tip YouTube and Twitch content creators with BAT. DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine, is an official partner of the project.

Brave browser is considered by many- not just in tech but by the mainstream- to be the best browser out there – certainly for speed, privacy and user experience. Brave browser together with BAT are looking to change the digital advertising industry and could well be a key player in doing this.

As online data privacy (and leaks) become more of an issue and more people are aware of the need for internet browsing privacy and security, we wouldn’t be surprised if more people turn to Brave and thus BAT – BAT is one of the best potential ways to help make crypto adoption mainstream.

Trading volume of BAT has also stayed relatively high since its ICO, and the project has a loyal investor following, as well as loyalty from within the crypto community.

The Team

Basic Attention Token (BAT) project has a dream team: Brendan Eich, the CEO, is the inventor of JavaScript programming language and one of the founders of Mozilla and Firefox. Brian Bondy, the co-founder, is the creator of Evernote. Yan Zhu, the lead developer, is the author of W3C (International Standards Organization for the World Wide Web). Marshall Rose, the ledger developer, is the inventor of SNMP (Simple Network Management) protocol.

Between them, the team invented a large part of the most used protocols and programming languages of the internet.

The BAT (Basic Attention Token ) project is part of the Brave browser ( and aims to give mutual benefits to users, publishers, and advertisers. The team has accounts on all social media platforms and they are very active on all. (Their Medium page is the most active one in this regard.) There is a lot of talk about BAT with a lot of respect from the crypto community for both the Brave browser and the BAT project as a good medium and long term investment.

The Coin

Coin/Token Name BAT
Mining None
Block Time / Transaction Fee
Total Supply 1.500.000.000


Can Be Traded In Binance, Bittrex, Upbit, Huobi, Ethfinex, Koinex, Liqui, BuyBitcoin, LATOKEN,, ChaoEX, Radar Relay, Mercatox, Live Coin, Cobin Hood