ATM Chain


ATM stands for Attention Token of Media and is aimed at the Chinese market, which has an estimated annual $80b spend. They aim to use new audience tracking and recording methods to help advertisers better understand their audience and increase their conversion. Whilst there is a large market for this, the reality of how ATMChain want to go about this could be construed as an invasion of privacy and could involve some heavy regulation. Although viewers/ the audience would be financially incentivised for having their data sold to advertisers, there might be some legal barriers in the way.

From their whitepaper, ATMChain claim that:

The value proposition of ATMChain for the digital media industry is as follows:

1) Users: rewarded with tokens when they pay attention to view digital media information, with their personal privacy and data being protected.

2) Media operators: improved profit, improved accuracy of advertising delivery, and reduced fraud.

3) Media clients: high quality user reports, better spread effect at a lower cost, and higher conversion rate.

ATMChain intend to offer the following services:

  • Mobile Apps: ATM Chain will develop mobile apps (along the lines of WeChat) that will be free to download. These apps will show ads and collect personal data. This data will be sold to advertisers.
  • Desktop Applications: ATM Chain will develop desktop applications (such as browsers) that will be free to download. These apps will also serve ads & collect personal data of users.
  • Real World Tracking: ATM Chain will place cameras in the real world, which will record advertising screens (such as the ones you see in malls) 7/24. With these records, it will be possible to see how much interest the ads gained (i.e. for how long people looked at them).
  • Cinema Tracking: ATM Chain will place cameras over the cinema screens in the real world. These cameras will record the audience and provide statistical info about interest levels in the ads shown before a movie starts.

However, as they state in their white paper, it is currently impossible (illegal) to record in the cinema, as well as recording viewers of advertising screens in the real world. As the Chinese Social Credits system rolls out, with its plans for extensive CCTV and citizen monitoring, it isn’t possible that recording peoples’ consumption of advertising in public is a reality, but that isn’t the case yet. It isn’t clear how or if ATM Chain can get around this.

ATM tokens have two main uses:

  • Advertisers have to use the token to buy advertising space from the ATM Chain network.
  • To incentivize users to share more personal info. For example, after viewing an ad, you will see a message like this: “You have watched the ad. If you give us more personal information such as your home address, you can win free ATM tokens”

ATMChain is built on top of the Decent Protocol blockchain. Kevin Yan, chief architect of ATMChain says that ‘DECENT as the underlying protocol is not only the cornerstone for ATMChain, but a robust high-frequency blockchain that gives our product a significant boost in terms of technology support,’

The Future

Can Be Traded In Rfinex, Bit-Z, HitBTC, YoBit, Live Coin, Mercatox
Can It Be Used in Real World? No


Dystopian or not, this is business. ATM Chain may be a frightening project for privacy, but some of these practices are already being used. If we take a look at only from a “business” perspective, ATM Chain is a big data company that runs on the blockchain. This may be a profitable business.

Realistically, to pull off a project of this size would need a lot of resources- Hundreds of developers, thousands of cameras, and lots of contracts and agreements. You cannot place real-world cameras without signing serious contracts and a heavy legal framework.

Since the bubble of January 2018, trading has however declined to very low volumes for the rest of 2018.

The Team

The team is predominantly Asian based and is aimed at the Chinese market. Whilst a large market, China is regulation heavy and notoriously anti crypto. The government are more keen to have Chinese companies they are partnered with to lead initiatives

Creator Unknown
Creation Date October 2017
Headquarters Unknown (Probably China)


The Coin

Coin/Token Name ATM
Mining None
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