The Team

Creator Julian Svirsky, Neil Mohinani, Denis Donin
Creation Date July 2017
Headquarters Moscow


Introduction to Atlant

Atlant describes itself as the ‘World’s Real Estate Blockchain Platform’. The project is very similar to IHT Real Estate Protocol (another crypto Real Estate coin) and aims to create a real estate portal where you can buy and sell properties via crypto-currencies. Initially, the project was relatively widely promoted. However, one of the founders, Mr Donin, has recently been arrested by the Russian Government, and updates from Atlant seem to have reduced. Atlant are facing issues regarding needing to prove their rights to use their software code. Atlant are claiming that they developed the code themselves and that nothing will be affected.

What is Atlant? How does the Atlant Platform work?

Atlant will be a decentralized Real Estate listing platform, with a Peer to Peer nightly/ short term and long term rentals platforms as well a platform offering tokenized ownerships – selling shares of commercial properties to investors.

With it’s short-term rental platform, Atlant is aiming to solve some of the problems faced by Airbnb – such as fake reviews, but without any real explanation as to how Atlant would work better than Airbnb other than potentially having lower fees. They propose to have decentralized conflict resolution, enabling any conflicts to be resolved directly between the owner of the property and the tenant.

The other aspect of Atlant is a portal proposing to help investors buy shares in real estate assets – providing tokenized ownership. If this were to work, this could offer an interesting way for owners of commercial real estate to sell their properties, if they are unable to find an individual buyer. The seller of the property could approach Atlant to list their property, who would divide the value of the property into shares, and then allow investors to buy as many or as few of the tokens that they want, giving them fractional ownership. Atlant would keep on selling the tokens. Token holders would receive proportional shares of the rental income of that property. Token holders can then sell their tokens to other investors. The whitepaper also proposes for developers to list their properties to attract the money needed for the build of new developments.

One potential problem with this model, is if there is a very long time period until all the tokens are sold, and any decisions then have to be made regarding the rental of that property, and what happens if not all tokens are sold. Another issue is that the listing fee to list a property on the Atlant platform is 7%. For commercial properties worth millions, this is high.

One other issue with Atlant for investors: one cannot legally own a property over a blockchain transaction. Selling a “share” in exchange for crypto tokens has no effect in the real world and gives you no legal rights.

Unlike the IHT platform, the real estate owner does not get the right to repurchase these tokens. Once the shares are sold, they are gone.

The Atlant platform is not yet live, with only a demo of the rental platform available on their website.

What are Atlant tokens used for? Is there any value to holding them?

The whitepaper states clearly that ‘there is no passive expectation of income solely from holding ATL tokens’. Token holders would in theory get a share of rental income but only if they invest in shares of commercial properties listed on the platform.

However, as Atlant have so far missed the release dates of their tokenization and rental platform launches, it’s looking unlikely that holding the tokens will give any real value to investors.

The Atlant team

Atlant is the work of former capital bankers: Mr. Svirsky is the former head of sales of BNP Paribas. Mr. Mohinani is a former compliance officer at HSBC. The third co-founder Denis Donin has recently been arrested in Russia accused of:

  • Bribing Russian officials
  • The terminal demonstrated to potential investors is just a copy of the crypto-exchange which closed down in 2017 amidst numerous problems (of which Donin was CEO)
  • For his involvement in the exchange.

Social Presence

The team has multiple accounts on social media platforms but recently they became very “quiet”. This is mostly due to the recent arrest of Mr. Dunin. Atlant isn’t particularly known as a crypto project and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of momentum behind it. Atlant has a small community, who as of May 2018, seem divided between those supporting the team and project, and those who have are dumping their holdings.

The Coin

Coin/Token Name ATL
Mining None
Block Time / Transaction Fee
Total Supply 55.000.000
Current Value (Total) $ 4,269,952


The Future

Can Be Traded In HitBTC, OKEx, YoBit, Fork Delta, Mercatox
Mobile Apps No
Can It Be Used in Real World? No



  • March 2018: Atlant platform launch (They missed this one)
  • April 2018: P2P Rentals launch (This is also not yet released as of June 2018)
  • 2024: 5% of global real estate transactions (Yes, they skipped 6 years ahead)