The Team

Creator Unknown
Creation Date June 2014
Headquarters Unknown


Aeon is arguably the most successful fork of Monero. It’s known as being similar to Monero, but is deisgned to be easier for mobile use and less resource and energy intensive – more lightweight PoW allowing for faster verification of the blockchain . It is aimed to be used primarily through their mobile app, and is designed specigically to run efficiently on mobiles. Aeon also allow for tracable transfers, at a lower transaction fee, for any non-sensitive transactions, such as to and from exchanges. The plan is for Aeon to be mineable on a smart phone. If this becomes reality, it should make the project much more widely adopted, as anyone could then mine Aeon from their phone and spend the proceeds directly.

Aeon was developed by an anonymous developer ‘Aeon’ in 2014 and has been maintained by anonymous developers for nearly 4 years, and has a loyal open community welcoming contributions. The project hasn’t taken off anywhere near as much as Monero, yet.

The team of Aeon uses BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Telegram, and Twitter for communication. They are not very active, but will respond to messages.

The Coin

Coin/Token Name AEON
Mining CPU, GPU
Block Time / Transaction Fee 240 seconds / –
Total Supply 18.400.000
Current Value (Total) $ 39,306,809


AEON is a PoW coin that uses the Crypto Night-Lite algorithm. It has a total supply of 18.4 million coins because this is also the total supply amount of Monero. As it uses the exact same codebase, it has the same specs and features as Monero. It is possible to solo-mine AEON but it won’t be very efficient, a lot will hinge on when its mobile mining application is ready. For the best results, you need to join a pool. Block creation time is 4 minutes and the difficulty changes at every block.

As we mentioned above, AEON claims that it is a “light-weight” version of Monero. This means it offers the following differences:

  • Monero uses Crypto Night algorithm and needs 2MB of CPU cache. AEON uses a light version of the same algorithm and 1MB of CPU cache is enough. This means it can be mined on simpler devices such as cheap laptops and even mobile phones.
  • Block creation time is higher.
  • AEON transactions are a little faster since its algorithm is lighter.
  • Wallet synchronization is faster.
  • Unlike Monero, you can choose to make a traceable transfer with no anonymity features. This kind of transfers have lower-fees and lower completion times. This can be useful for non-sensitive transactions such as transferring to/from exchanges.

All other features are exactly same as Monero. AEON has no white-paper (it just gives links to the Monero white paper) but we assume that it has the same anonymity features. Which means RingCT algorithm is used to hide amounts, origins, and destinations of transactions. Please refer to our Monero review for details since there is no difference.

The Future

Can Be Traded In Bittrex, HitBTC, Trade Ogre
Wallet(s) Windows
Can It Be Used in Real World? No


AEON has no roadmap.

The project claims that it is built to run on even mobile devices but no mobile wallets have yet been developed. Currently they offer wallets for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. According to the Github page, the majority of its codebase last updated 4 years ago. This means you are getting the first released version of Monero with a few additions. AEON has a loyal user base, and a low market cap compared to Monero, and some investors have bought Aeon based on the hope that its value will increase faster than Monero.

The same risks that apply to all privacy coins, about being stamped out by regulation, also apply to Aeon.