ADZ Coin


The Team

Creator Jens Steyaert
Creation Date November 2015
Headquarters London


What is ADZ Coin?

ADZ Coin is the native currency of the ADZ Buzz website. The Adzbuzz website isn’t bad –

It describes itself as ‘a content discovery platform / RSS reader where you can easily follow your favourite sites' community and put them into feeds. This allows you to easily browse the latest content of all your favourite sites in one place, all 100% free.’

You can choose your favourite content, organise it all in one place, and get rewarded in ADZ Coin. You can see all your favourite sites in one platform and create a personalised news feed.

For example, let’s say you are visiting every day. You can visit the same site through ADZBuzz. If you do that, ADZBuzz will offer the following advantages:

  • Suggestions that are made by other users of ADZBUzz similar to your favorite websites which will help you discover new content
  • Free ADZ Community Tokens (100 coins per 24 hours) which you can convert to BTC, ETH, and ADZ Coins. These are called ACT tokens.

Surprisingly, ADZ Coin is a real crypto-currency instead of a token. It is a PoW coin that uses X11 algorithm which rewards 40 ADX per block. It is possible to mine ADZ with CPUs and GPUs. This is probably because the team of ADZBuzz took over the ADZ Coin development in the past. It seems ADZ was a crypto currency that first appeared in 2014 and abandoned by the original developer. ADZBuzz took over the coin and made it a part of the same named network.

Trading of ADZ Coin has however almost ground to a halt since the crypto hype of January 2018, other than a brief spike in Summer 2018, daily trading volumes are around $1000 give or take.

Uses of ADZ Coin

ADZBuzz will show you ads. Advertisers can advertise on the site by buying and paying with ADZ Coin. Publishers can also become a “featured” website on the ADZBuzz platform. If they do that, they will be listed on top of “suggested” sites and gain visitors, again by paying in ADZ coins.

  • ADZ Coins can be used to purchase advertising space on ADZBuzz,
  • ADZ Coins can be used to get listed as a “suggested” site on ADZBuzz,
  • Free ACT tokens can be converted to ADZ Coins.
  • ADZ Coin is an advertising coin, yes, but it is only effective on ADZBuzz website.


The founder of ADZ Buzz, Jens Steyaert is a professional blogger, which published his posts at website for nearly 4 years. It seems this website is no longer available and ADZBuzz is the only project of Mr. Steyaert nowadays.

The Coin

Coin/Token Name ADZ
Mining CPU/GPU
Block Time / Transaction Fee 60 seconds / –
Total Supply 84.000.000


The Future

Can Be Traded In YoBit, Live Coin, Coin Exchange
Can It Be Used in Real World? No