Creator Dmitry Malyanov, Vadim Budaev, Alexandr Kuzmin
Creation Date January 2018
Headquarters Estonia


What is AdHive?

According to their website, AdHive is ‘The first platform that fully automates ad placement with influencers. Placement of the ad with 1000 influencers takes as much time as placement with only one.’

AdHive works with social media video influencers, and rewards them by finding advertisers who will pay to advertise on their videos. Advertisers don’t have to go to the lengths of finding which video influencers are most suitable to their needs, instead AdHive uses AI to find the most relevant influencers. Advertisers can thus quickly roll out advertising campaigns using one or more influencers in 30 minutes.

The AdHive platform uses AI to confirm that the influencer has carried out the advertiser’s task, such as mentioning their name, for example, for which the payment is then executed via smart contract.

AdHive is fairly a new project and it defines itself as the “first AI controlled influencer marketing platform”, using AI for facial, video and speech recognition. They use recognition technologies together with blockchain, to create the first fully automated method for monetizing video advertising – all payments and transactions are made using smart contracts. It’s a huge sector- video advertising currently counts for over half of all digital advertising and is growing as a use of advertising.

This should save advertisers a lot of time, and reduce the risk of mis-spent advertising dollars. Rather than reaching out to individial influencers, they will be able to put their advertising needs on the platform, and the AdHive AI will choose the best influencer for the job, and calculate the budget needed for the advertiser, with no other middle men needed.

AdHive also gives a platform to smaller influencers- those with less followers – to attract advertisers with lesser budgets, or more niche aims – which otherwise would find it hard to find advertising / such spaces to advertise on.

AdHive is also in partnership with AdEx. The AdEx advertising campaigns related to video will be listed and on the AdHive platform.

We are not sure how advertisers will react to the “automatic selection of influencers”. All other advertising coin projects give the ability to choose your chosen advertiser directly. AI selection probably is more efficient though.

How using AdHive works

Both the influencers (bloggers, youtubers, and social media content creators) and advertisers will register to the platform but they won’t be able to “see” each other. Other advertising coin projects work like a bidding platform, whereby publishers list themselves and put a price on their services, and advertisers can choose from amongst the listed publishers. They already have a few thousand influencers signed up.

On AdHive, influencers give information about their channels and their followers when they register, and advertisers provide information about their product and what type of influencer they are looking for. At this stage, advertisers also upload their ads to the platform.

Then, the AI software of AdHive distributes those ads among influencers automatically, according to the most effective calculations done by the AI to achieve the best result for the advertisers. AI chooses which influencers will get the ads. Advertisers have no say in this, not the influencers.

The AdHive token

All transactions on the AdHive transaction will be paid in the AdHive token ADH – advertisers will have to buy ADH to reserve advertising with influencers, and influencers will be paid in ADH. ADH tokens will only be sent to the influencer only after the AI confirms that the ads are viewed and/or clicked.

AdHive also claim that they will keep their revenues in ADH without converting it into fiat. In theory, at least, the more the platform grows and is used, the more the ADH token would be worth.

AdHive runs on the Ethereum blockchain. AdHive transactions rely on smart contracts for execution of payments.

AdHive Roadmap

AdHive created a beta version of their platform – and an MVP soon after their token sale ended. Over the course of 2018 they plan on growing their network across the USA, Europe and Asia. They plan a second token launch in 2019. It’s not known when the final platform will be ready.

Once this platform becomes fully active, it will be fully autonomous. AI software will manage all agreements between the influencers and advertisers. AdHive targets Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube channel influencers instead of regular websites.

They are also creating a white label system for their platform which should hopefully, again in theory at least, greatly increase uptake.

  • 2018: Ready-to-use platform for YouTube, Integration with Instagram and Facebook, Mobile apps, Integration with more social media platforms
  • 2019: Rating for influencers depends on community assessment, Control of real-time ad placement on streaming platforms (Twitch, TBD), Integration with debit card providers for instant payments with ADH Tokens
  • 2020: Integration with web studios for online production and placement on different networks, Identification of brand/logo/object/phrase on video to analyze the impact of ads on live streams connected to the platform

The AdHive Team

AdHive has a fairly impressive team who seem to know what they’re doing. Dmitry Malyanov, one of the founders, is the former head of sales of Groupon, Vadim Budaev is experienced in AI and Alexandr Kuzmin has worked with token economics.

Amongst their advisors they count Serguei Popov, the co-founder of IOTA who was also behind the NXT token model, who helped them with the ADH token model design. Eyal Hertzog, the product architect of Bancor foundation has also advised them, amongst others.

The team have social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and are quite active on their Telegram channels communicating with their community.

The Coin

Coin/Token Name ADH
Mining None
Block Time / Transaction Fee
Total Supply 392.000.000
Current Value (Total)


The Future

Can Be Traded In HitBTC, IDEX, Qryptos
Can It Be Used in Real World? No

The success of AdHive will be largely dependent on how well their AI works. If it is found to really save advertisers time and money and produce amazing results, then there could be demand from both advertisers as well as influencers looking to earn some advertising dollars, without needing to deal with humans.

It will depend how happy advertisers are to hand over the control and selection of the influencers they advertise with, to AI. It will be interesting to see uptake, once the platform is up and running.